Education of Hardscape Contractors in all
Segments of Business and Installation
Our goal is to make you as efficient as possible with your tools and your equipment, Helping you to grow your
business and become more profitable

Welcome to Fairlawn Consulting

We believe in contractor education. It is the foundation of all great hardscapes.

At Fairlawn Consulting we provide hardscape contractors the opportunity to learn while they earn money. We will bring the Hands-On Training to you and your crew. We will train your crew while the customer pays you. Our goal is to make you as efficient as possible with your tools and your equipment. Helping you to grow your business and become more profitable.
Every contractor should ask themselves this question when faced with a jobsite decision.

What is the most efficient way to perform this task without sacrificing Safety or Quality? It is very easy to show someone how to install Hardscapes if they have all the proper tools, compaction equipment, a skid steer and a workforce of 15-50 semi-skilled laborers. Especially when you are talking about doing a 100 SF area that might already have been excavated, as is the current format for hands-on training. It is my intent to take the hands-on training to the contractor at a reasonable cost.

Training & Events
  • Feb 1-4 Belgard U
    Pinehurst, NC - Speaking

    Feb -10 Belgard U
    Chattanooga, TN - Speaking
  • Feb 21-25 The Hardscape School
    Franksville, WI - Hands-On Training

    Feb 28 - Mar 1 MGIA
    Novi, MI - PICP Certification
  • Mar 15-17 NE Hardscape Expo
    Hartford, CT

We Belive in Contractor Education
Mr Ambrose, I wanted to thank you for the course you gave in Tinley Park in February for the level 1 certification. I really enjoyed the course and its content and the way you delivered your material. You seem to know your stuff.

I also wanted to thank you for your advice you gave at the breaks on a one on one basis. You had suggested purchasing the book by Charles Vander Kooi on estimating. I-ve gone thru the book and it really is an eye opener. I will use a lot of his principles in my business.

I have recently upgraded my certification to level 2. I will do my best to spread the good word. Thanks again. Have a great season.

Andre Gaudet, CHT Certified Horticultural Technician, Technicien Horticole Certifie, CMHA , Concrete Paver Installer

Bonsai Landscaping Ltd, Memramcook, New Brunswick, Canada.

  • The Hardscape School
  • Hardscape North America
  • Belgard University
  • The SASP Training Video
  • Site One Landscape Supply
  • CMHA
  • Belgard
  • Fred Azar Landscaping