Education of Hardscape Contractors in all
Segments of Business and Installation


We believe in contractor education. It is the foundation of all great hardscapes.


Every contractor should ask themselves this question when faced with a jobsite decision. What is the most efficient way to perform this task without sacrificing Safety or Quality? It is very easy to show someone how to install Hardscapes if they have all the proper tools, compaction equipment, a skid steer and a workforce of 15-50 semi-skilled laborers. Especially when you are talking about doing a 100 SF area that might already have been excavated, as is the current format for hands-on training. It is my intent to take the hands-on training to the contractor at a reasonable cost. The goal is to reach the mid-level installer and educate them on how to be more efficient with their current resources.


The industry needs a way to bridge the gap between the large group, manufacturer sponsored eyes-on trainings that wow the contractor by showing him what kind of tools are necessary to install pavers. That is where this program would be different. This program is geared towards training companies' laborers as well as the foreman and even the owner. The training would take place on one of the contractors paying jobs. THE OWNER AND HIS CREW WOULD BE GETTING PAID TO LEARN. He would also not have to sacrifice days out of his market, and would be getting trained at a fraction of the cost of sending the same employees out of town. His savings would be that he did not send 4 laborers to get trained, the training came to them. Showing them how to be as efficient as possible with the equipment they have, and at the same time doing an informal safety audit. This would more than compensate for the original investment over time. This would hopefully create a new crop of contractors that would now be better prepared both financially and mentally to take on the next level of training. With the next level being The School for Advanced Segmental Paving, Charles Vander Kooi and Associates and ICPI Level 2 Certification.

Target Market

If you are an owner who recognizes that there is a right way and a wrong way to install pavers, and wants to learn the right way. If you are an owner who understands that building better hardscapes will lead to a better more profitable company. If you are an owner who wants to become more efficient with what you have, than you can use our services. Too many companies are using their current ICPI certificate as a marketing tool, and not implementing the proper methods. We want a Contractor that is ICPI certified, has been in business for at least one year and has at least one year experience installing hardscapes.


Contact us for a quote on our services. Belgard Authorized Contractors will receive a 20% discount on their first consulting visit.

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